FAST Dali Art Appraisals
What the Dali Gallery's Appraiser Needs...

Take 3 clear photos of your art as shown at left

  • full image of the work
  • close-up of the Dali signature (if signed)
  • close-up of the edition numbers/letters

Attach all 3 images to an e-mail, along with

  • your name
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • title of the Dali work (if known)

E-mail it to:

Bruce will call you to take your credit card information for payment
and send you your appraisals.

If you acquired your Dali art via The Salvador Dali Gallery...

Simply call Bruce at 800-275-3254 and tell him which art you need appraisals for. He will pull up your records, take your credit card info for payment and send your appraisals.

Your Appraiser, Bruce Hochman, O.S.


  • 32-year Dali expert
  • Dali Museum "Order of Salvador" inductee
  • International Fine Art Appraisers certified
  • Author of Print Price Guide to the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali now in its 12th edition
  • Director of The Salvador Dali Gallery, Inc.
    world's only gallery dealing exclusively
    in authentic Salvador Dali fine art

Other Dali authentication or appraisal questions? Call Bruce toll free at