FAST Dali Art Opinion of Authenticity and Appraisals

Salvador Dali Certificate of Authencity and opinions of authenticity.

Expert authentication is an absolute must to honor your artistic Salvador Dali work rightly. Only the selling gallery or dealer can legally issue a certificate of authencity and we provide one for all the prints by Salvador Dali we sell. Bruce Hochman provides expert opinions of authenticity and appraisals for a fee. The respected experts of the field study the artist’s work and examine the fine art before offering the right recognition, and guaranteeing the legitimacy of the art.

Bruce Hochman is a renowned expert and proprietor of the World’s Only Gallery that deals exclusively in authentic Salvador Dali art work. With more than 33 years of experience in the field, the expert has devoted enough time to study and examine fine art works of Salvador Dali and has hundreds of testimonials. He was also the inductee of Dali Museum ‘Order of Salvador’ in March 1996. Nonetheless, Bruce is the author of The Print Price Guide to the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali, and is the distributor for this masterpiece too. The art is already in now in its 2021 edition.

Bruce is undoubtedly the right choice to recognize and authenticate your Salvador Dali art work and honor it the right way. With the right knowledge and experience, he provides written document signed and stamped to guarantee the legitimacy of the fine art for a fee. If you are in possession of, are looking to purchase Salvador Dali art, and wish to validate your painting, drawing, or sculpture, then Bruce can be your helping hand to get you an opinion on authenticity and appraisal for a fee.

We, at Salvador Dali Gallery, ensure that your Salvador Dali Art will get the right recognition in the Dali market. Expert authentication is a must to validate and guarantee the legitimacy. Having your art appraized and reviewed for Authenticity is an extremely important step.

Bruce is the respected and renowned expert of this field and is dedicated to preserve the integrity of Dali community. Explore the website to get acquainted with Bruce’s work and the certificate he holds for his masterpieces well-respected in the Dali market. To obtain his opinion on authenticity or an appraisals, connect with the expert today and get the authentication certificate right away.

Simply call Bruce at 800-275-3254 and tell him which art you need his opinion on authenticity or appraisals for. He will take your credit card info for payment and send you his opinion on authenticity or appraisals.

Expert Opinion on Authenticity, Bruce Hochman ™, O.S.

  • 33-year Dali expert
  • Dali Museum "Order of Salvador" inductee March 1996
  • Author of Print Price Guide to the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali, 2022 edition
  • Director of The Salvador Dali Gallery, Inc. world's only gallery dealing exclusively in authentic Salvador Dali fine art
  • United States Patent and Trademark Reg No. 6,39,104

Take 3 clear photos of your art as shown at left

  • full image of the work
  • close-up of the Dali signature (if signed)
  • close-up of the edition numbers/letters

Attach all 3 images to an e-mail, along with

  • your name
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • title of the Dali work (if known)

E-mail it to:

Bruce will call you to take your credit card information for payment and send you your appraisals.

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